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End-to-end life cycle management

Different vendors for different stages are not desirable. Nor is a cookie-cutter approach that treats all stages equally. DoSelect sits in the middle with custom coding assessments for campus and lateral recruitment, continuous and ad-hoc learning, and performance measurement. Think of us as one platform that serves as a business partner for all teams.

Depth and width

The DoSelect suite offers coding assessments across 24+ programming languages and technologies such as Android, Selenium, Data Science and Machine Learning, Databases, to name a few. From legacy to new age, the roster balances the old and the new for teams to choose from.

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The ingredients behind world's most exhaustive technical assessment engine

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Measure competencies that matter

The evaluation engine evaluates matters of everyday importance to technical teams. Our reports shed insights on crucial aspects of functional success - code quality score, language construct ability, and secondary skills possessed. In sum, measure employees and candidates on competencies that lead to business success.

What? When? How? How much?

DoSelect answers them all.

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