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Trusted by 100+ clients

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Recruiters can create assessments within minutes to evaluate thousands of candidates, thanks to DoSelect’s ready-to-use library with 50000+ questions spread across 25+ Coding Languages, Fullstack, Data science, Ai/ML, Database, Automation Testing, Front End Framework, Aptitude & many other technologies. The evaluation engine performs a deep skill quality analysis to help you refine your candidate list, with the skill insights that are critical to a job function.

ReSkill, Upskill, Deploy - Faster & Better

From L&D heads to training managers, DoSelect’s Learning and skill assessment engine is helping organizations create skill inventory through hands-on practise tests, real-world skill evaluations tests mapping, competencies, streamlining the training needs identification, faster resource deployments, better project deliveries and most importantly, a superior business outcome.

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Measure Competencies That Matter

The evaluation engine evaluates matters of everyday importance to technical teams. Our reports shed insights on crucial aspects of functional success - code quality score, language construct ability, and secondary skills possessed. In sum, measure employees and candidates on competencies that lead to business success.

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Arjun Sivasundar PhD “DoSelect as a platform has grown immensely in the 3 years we have worked together. They have added new and useful features on a regular basis, improved existing features and of late have also been building quality content. Overall it has been a very successful partnership between Fractal and DoSelect.” Arjun Sivasundar PhD, Learning and Development Leader, Fractal Analytics Pragya Prasad "It is a pleasure to work with DoSelect. They have helped us streamline our hiring process by eliminating manual intervention. We can simply create and share tests with the candidates. Our recruitment turnaround has become remarkably agile. It was an easy integration with our LMS and applicant tracking system through platform’s API. DoSelect’s support team has been very prompt and active in catering to all our requests. Thanks for your support, DoSelect team. We hope to continue strengthening our partnership." Pragya Prasad, Learning Partner Relations, Fractal Analytics Achyuta Angadi "DoSelect has been very instrumental in streamlining our tech recruitment process at InMobi. The coding assessments helped us get to the right candidates faster." Achyuta Angadi - TA Leader, Glance

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