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DoSelect is exhibiting at #TechHR17!

It's that time of the year again.

Like the advent of autumn blooming buds, Tech HR has been the quintessential autumn for many a budding HR Tech solutions in the country. If there is one event where the fraternity and sorority congregate to celebrate the confluence of HR and technology, it is Tech HR - and DoSelect will be in the middle, in 2017!

Head to Booth No 9 on 3rd and 4th August, 2017 to witness DoSelect unveiling the next frontier of coding assessments; the new suite is pushing the edge of the envelope by blurring the line between simulation and reality. Consider this - if your developers are assigned to build a web application by means of an assessment, the assessment report not only highlights the good ol' DoSelect report but a "Live Preview" of the application. This feature is particularly useful for the non-tech savvy recruiter who wants a view of "what got built" instead of diving into the code.
TheyBuildYouSee.png 129.99 KB
The possibilities are endless - ask them to build a web application, assess them on their ability to code a mobile app's front end or gauge their ability to develop a search engine. In sum, assess them on anything under the sun!

DoSelect will be unraveling this and more - chat with us on how coding assessments can be the nirvana to any challenge in your employee lifecycle. From attracting a dormant and passive talent pool to performance bench-marking, our assessments are deployed by enterprises like InMobi, Edgeverve, Cisco etc  & upstarts like Postman, Squadrun, Zapr, and Ugam Solutions at specific stages in their lifecycle.

See you there!

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