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Shayon is now a DoNut

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‘Tis the season to be jolly! We’re stoked to welcome our newest DoNut - Shayon Dasverma. Shayon is here to take our ship full steam ahead as the Head of Digital Marketing at DoSelect. 

An absolute petrol-head, all of Shayon’s waking moments are commanded by the dream of owning a supercar. He believes that long drives coupled with complementing music for every mood serve as the perfect respite. In his free time, you’d also find him pouring over the latest gadgets or penning about his personal experiences  on his blog.

Quite the way good stories go, Shayon’s is one filled with inspiration. He lives by, and ceaselessly moulds his life to the following ideology - “Failures are the most defining aspects of our life as they help us shape into the next best version of ourselves. The key is to have faith, and continue working towards your dreams – no matter the odds.” 

We welcome you to the team, Shayon! 
 Psst! You can follow Shayon’s musings at

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