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Sidhant is now a DoNut

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Another maverick joins the bunch! Our engineering team just added gobs of awesomeness with Sidhant Rajan, our newest front-end hacker intern who’s quite literally helping us change the face of DoSelect. 

 Hailing from NIT Jamshedpur, Sidhant finds his passions in his explorations within Web Development, in the unexplored places across the globe, and in the universally undeniable source of solace – music. In his own words – “music is something central to which his days revolve around”, and often finds him humming blissfully through the day. 

An avid football fan at heart, Sidhant looks up to and abides by Christiano Ronaldo’s attitude of “Never give up” through everything in life. 

We welcome you to the team Sidhant! 

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