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What constitutes you?

Tech culture is akin to a fingerprint. No two are the same. Why should you conduct hackathons in a one-size-fits-all manner then?

  • Differentiate

    DoSelect helps you differentiate. Before jumping into our developer community, we get to the root of your tech DNA. What is your team passionate about? What organizations do they rever? What are they currently working on? What is the gene they intend to create and foster internally?

  • Devise strategy

    Only after we have got answers to these is when we devise your hackathon strategy. No blanket emails to lakhs of developers who might not align with your goals. No drip campaigns to a mass database which does not possess the skills you need. Your hackathons are a statement of intent. DoSelect maps the intent with the best suited developers and helps you reach out to them.

And then we let the platform take care of it all.

Name a technology, get it

DoSelect's roster of languages traverses the entire spectrum of technologies you would want to conduct hackathons for. From legacy to new age, mobility, data sciences, selenium and machine learning we cater to all. When adding a new technology on your dashboard, DoSelect's platform enables its set-up of assessments and hackathons in under 120 minutes.

Learn more about the technologies we support.

Code quality analysis

Consider the case where the top 10 participants have the same score. Who gets the top loot here? This is where Code Quality Analysis helps you identify the true gems of the lot. DoSelect's Analyzer allots points on a candidate's Code Quality Score effectively ensuring that mere test case execution isn't the only deciding factor in the competition.

An engineering team to devise your engineering hackathon

Which companies have the best DevOps systems to focus your outreach efforts on? Which organizations are the frontrunners in elastic search? Which are the best campuses to conduct a hackathon at, to measure Angular JS prowess? Imagine a team answering these questions for you. And drive your next hackathon to success.

DoSelect's hackathon team is a set of impassioned engineers who evanglize technologies themselves and are glued to the pulse of all campuses and organizations of importance.

Work with a team that knows the in's and out's of how developers think, feel and act. After all, employer brands are built when you communicate in the language of the audience.

What better than a bunch of maverick coders who can spread the message on your behalf?

No time is a better time for a hackathon.

Bring in the action!

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