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{$ $root.$momentTZ('2017-06-30T16:30:00+00:00').format("h:mm A, MMM D YYYY (UTCZ)") $}


{$ $root.$momentTZ('2017-07-06T17:30:00+00:00').format("h:mm A, MMM D YYYY (UTCZ)") $}

Based on the upcoming superhero movie, this week's challenge 'Spiderman - Homecoming' will test your superpowers when your fingers hit the keyboard.

The competition will consist of 5 programming questions that can be solved in the programming language of your choice.

Our top 3 coders win free movie tickets for Spiderman - Homecoming.
Please ensure that your DoSelect profile is complete in order to be eligible for the prize.

Rules & Regulations

1. All submissions are run through a plagiarism detector. In case of code plagiarism both users will be disqualified from the contest.
2. Your DoSelect profile must be integrated with at least one social account (Ex. Facebook, GitHub, etc) to be eligible for the prize before contest ends.
3. To redeem your tickets, please share the location details with us on Facebook - DoSelect


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