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Want to work for one of the "Fortune 500" companies? Participate in Java hiring challenge today!

About this challenge

This challenge is brought to you by JoulesToWatts. The winners will get a chance for an interview at Fortune 500 companies.


This is an online hackathon. Once you sign up to participate in the hackathon, you'd be able to see the problems. All the problems are script-based, which means that the solution can be given in one script. You can use the DoSelect IDE to create solutions. Once you are done, submit the solutions. Please DO NOT plagiarize your solutions. If you do, we'll know.

You can submit your solutions only in Java 7 or Java 8.

- Make sure to fill your DoSelect profile with all necessary information before or after the hackathon.
- Re-submissions are allowed, but with a cost. Calculation of scores in case of re-submissions are present here:
- Please refer to for environment-specific details.


Further communications after this challenge is to be made by JoulesToWatts.


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