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Shouting out to all young hackers looking to intern at one of the coolest tech companies in the world! InMobi has set out on a search for the smartest and brightest interns in India. If you have got what it takes, get hacking!

On Your Mark, Get Set, Code!


This is a completely online algorithmic programming contest. Once you sign up to participate in the hackathon, you'd be able to see the problems. All problems are script-based, that means, the solution can be given in one script. You can use the DoSelect IDE to create solutions. After you are done, submit the solutions. It's that easy! Please DO NOT plagiarize your solutions. If you do, we'll know.


Scripting environment details are present here:

Re-submissions are allowed, but with a cost. Calculation of scores in case of re-submissions are present here:


• Make sure you have updated your profile with accurate details (name, email id, mobile number and profile picture) before taking part in this contest.
• This contest allows code submission in any programming language.
• The contest is open to all individuals in India.
• Participants are not advised to discuss strategies or methods during the contest.
• InMobi has the right to this contest and their decision would be final.
• InMobi has a right to disqualify and renounce prizes if you do any of the below:
- Provide false information about yourself to claim a prize.
- Violating the code of conduct of DoSelect

If you have any questions or comments, please email us at or tweet us at @DoSelectHQ


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InMobi enables consumers to discover amazing products through mobile advertising. Through Miip, a revolutionary discovery platform, developers, merchants & brands can engage mobile consumers globally.

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