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Never before has an engineering culture been more important for a candidate’s outlook about your organization than today. Not all organizations get a Day 0 slot at the hottest campuses. That's where hackathons and promoted problems help you outshine the competition.

That's what DoSelect is for.

The ingredients within

When data meets 24+ technology assessments, magic happens.

A blanket coverage of legacy and new age technologies makes DoSelect the absolute choice for conducting internal and external hackathons.

A progressive data layer informs you of the best and most engaged campuses.

DoSelect helps you turn coding challenges into memorable employer branding touch points.


Arm your developers with application queries and a social coding context. The resultant is a sweet, heady potion of a reflection of your engineering culture which your internal workforce and prospective employees wear as badge value. DoSelect lets HR teams conduct swanky hackathons on its plug and play platform to assess its current external pipeline as well as simulate their internal workforce to solve problems together.

The equation is simple — Developers + Social Context = Win!

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Promoted problems

What did Netflix do when they wanted a better algorithmic solution to its recommendation engine? They sponsored it in the form of competitive programming generating 18,000 submissions. Promoted problems have been proven to curate a plethora of solutions to your engineering problems, generate developer interest in your technical challenges and create a buzz around your employer brand.

Hop onto DoSelect’s bandwagon to sponsor your technical problem sets for developers and watch your brand quotient soar.

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Quash your employer branding woes.

Promoted Problems

Open your tech story to a world of possibilities.

Hire developers that align to your mission.

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