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5 Must Have Recruiting Strategies For Campus Hiring

The competition to hire the top talents has never been this intense. The new level this has hit in the past few years has been overwhelming. Every company, be it a startup or fortune 500 believe in hiring the top talents and not to compromise on the skill set. Long gone are the days of “just hire”.

As technology is evolving at a faster pace, talents that justify their contribution to the evolution of technology right from their college days are a huge bet. Campus hiring is no more a one-way experience where the recruiters come looking to hire top talents regardless of the experience of the candidate with the tiresome, long and delayed hiring process. To make campus hiring a win-win situation for both candidates and recruiters a noticeable change in the approach and strategy is much appreciated.

With the evolution of social media channels which engages these candidates, there are some issues that still troubles a recruiter:

  1. Filtering the best from the large pool of candidates
  2. Obsolete process
  3. Competition by various organizations to hire the best
  4. A mundane strategy.
To tackle this, here are 5 recruiting strategies that will enable you to attract best candidates on campus hiring:

Get your organization prepared:

Get to know the campus well before making an entry. It is important to understand their culture and make them aware about how different are you, what are the benefits that you offer that your competitors don’t.

Build on campus brand with engaging pre-placement talks:

To attract the top quality talent, your brand should be the prime. When doing a pre-placement talk, make sure that the session is short and crisp with more interaction involved. This allows a prospective hire to gel up well even before appearing for interview.

Offer a position that a candidate will hate to reject:

To a candidate filled with passion, the only thing matters is the learning that position offers. Now, it’s the recruiter’s call to communicate the unique values and enticing factors to the candidate that he would hate to reject the offer.

Filter out candidates by assessing them on their skills not by brushing through resumes:

Filtering the candidates to the interview round is a tedious task. But this can be dealt smartly by conducting real-time online assessments. Without having a peek into resume and candidate’s academic performance the core skills that match your requirements can be assessed. Keeping it short (45 min -60 min) and to the point is key. The test should be crafted well for a specific position and should judge the core skills required.

Plan ahead and plan smartly:

To bring a change by fiercely analyzing the past recruitment efforts, offer acceptance, retention rates, internship program success rate, understanding the key loopholes and tailoring the strategy accordingly is undeniably the best way to plan smartly.

Hence, Introducing the sift through thousands of resumes, hundreds of interviews, on-boarding, assimilation and retention of talents to technology-driven approach can help organizations in hiring better talents hassle free.

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