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Gauge Language Prowess

Algorithms and Data Structures assess 1/8th of the proverbial tech hiring iceberg. DoSelect lets you do test the 7/8ths. Judge campus and lateral hires on programming questions that assess conceptual understanding of individual paradigms of a programming language. For instance, a candidate being assessed on Java would be ranked on conceptual understanding and execution of Inheritance, Polymorphism and OOPS in her code.

Code Quality Analysis

Poor code quality shackles and binds tech teams to enhance and scale their code. Unfortunately, tech teams spend gazillion hours reviewing code quality at the recruitment stage that eats into precious man-hours and distracts them from the thing they do best - code. DoSelect's auto code quality analyzer details all violations in a candidate's code and allots a quality score saving your team crucial hours and serving as talking points for further rounds.

Skill Depth & Width

DoSelect’s assessment library lets you measure technical skills for the code, test, debug, deploy cycle effectively making it the de-facto standard for hiring teams. Whether you are evaluating an SDE 1 or architect, DoSelect’s depth and width of assessments across front-end, back-end and mobile technologies allow you to measure technical skills spanning all levels and roles.

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No Deception

E-Assessments have historically carried the baggage to retain a physical, on-premise examination’s authenticity. DoSelect retains this authenticity through multiple interventions like full screen enforcement, copy-paste disablement, window and tab switch monitoring, browser fingerprint tracking and multiple window prevention. Sweat not, for monkey business won’t trickle in.

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