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Assessments That Get Business And Learning Teams To Speak The Same Language

"I feel we are bad in Android"

"We think we have good Java developers"

We all know where feel and think lead us to. DoSelect's raison d'être is to eliminate these two words out of everyday conversations between business and learning teams through the real world, application based technical assessments.

Progressive Data Layer

A progressive data layer centered around assessment scores informs learning teams about skills gap between top and bottom performers, highest and lowest rated technologies and "learnability" quotient of employees within the organization.

As Real As It Can Get

Simulated coding environments with built-in IDEs and pre-fixed libraries along with assessment problems which replicate everyday problem statements make DoSelect the closest thing to the real deal. Think of it as your developers being exposed to the exact coding challenges as in a real world situation, but, for your teams.

120 Minutes Is All It Takes

Are your technology teams migrating a new technology stack? Worry not, for the DoSelect platform is engineered to simulate an assessment environment for a new technology in 120 minutes.

Depth & Breadth

DoSelect's technology roster supports simulated assessments for 24+ languages and technologies.

Click here to get an exhaustive low-down on all supported technologies and languages.

Oiling your learning machinery with data. Easier than ever.

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