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11 Interesting APIS For Developers

Considering the new developer talents emerging every day with the new developer tools, keeping up to date with the new technologies is not just an option anymore, but, a compulsion to stay in the race for the best.

With 14,000 public APIs (Application Programming Interface), the major contribution comes from the API to the pool of developer tools. Companies build APIs to accelerate the augmentation of their popular services, save time and empower developers with a new platform to solve their problems.

Jyoti Bansal, founder, and CEO of AppDynamics stated: “APIs started as enablers for things companies wanted to do, but their thinking is now evolving to the next level. APIs themselves are becoming the product or the service companies deliver.”

Here’s the collection of 11 APIs that we have put together. The tools that add extra cheese topping to your website.


Github API helps you integrate your application with Github. For instance, code climate uses Github API to read the data and monitor the health of the code, from the command line to the cloud.  

Google Maps

Need an interactive map in your website? With Google Maps API, it is very easy to embed a map in your website. Google Map API also supports a host of other features like getting directions between places and converting between addresses and geographic coordinates, to name a few.


Want to integrate telephony services in your web application but don’t want to host your own telephony infrastructure, Twilio is here to help you. Twilio allows web apps to make and receive phone calls and send and receive SMS texts using its REST API.

Full Contact

This is especially useful for sales. Full contact gives you the information of the person like full name, age, gender, location, social media accounts if you just have the email id of the contact.


Undoubtedly one of the best and the easiest payment solution to integrate with your site.The Payments API enables secure and easy payments via online and mobile. This helps customers to make payments with only a few clicks.They have a neat and well explained developer docs.


With Twitter share for your website, users are encouraged to share great articles and make it viral giving your brand a strong online presence. The user base of twitter is huge and it sure is an API not to ignore.


With over 1 billion active users and an API that can be used for social login, app monetization and sharing, there’s a good chance that you can build a strong web presence.


If there’s any API that’s outstanding for file access then it’s Dropbox API. In an era where mobile phones, tablets allow users to have access to everything when on the run, an option to access the file from anywhere, anytime, from any device is a huge blessing.


Their API is as spot on as their sarcasm. Mailchimp API syncs customer DB, CMS, e-commerce shopping cart, etc. It’s an ideal choice to choose as a platform to send targeted marketing emails with the clean list management.


Ain’t nobody better than slack! They have not just emphasised on better collaboration and communication in organisations, but lived by it. The slack API enables developers to build applications that interact with slack. The built integrations include Github, but it also provides an API for your own applications. You can stay updated with the real-time events, post messages with bots, access channel history and files.


Stormpath API is a secure API for authentication, authorization and user management for any application both web and mobile, with built-in supports for Facebook, G+, GitHub and Linkedin. It maintains & handles forgotten password, user profiles, and authorization.

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