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How To Create A Test In 3 Steps

Take control of your application filtration process

Every recruiter knows how difficult it gets when you start receiving applications for a job post. Most ATS’s let you collect them and manage effectively. But your job is to forward the best applicants for the next round and ensure their credibility and match. This gets cumbersome with the increase in volume of resumes.

And the story is same for every other company. DoSelect Tests makes it easier to filter, review and forward applicants thus reducing hours of manual effort required to scan a resume.

Here’s how you can create and invite a candidate for a test in 3 easy steps:

1. Create

Tests can vary depending upon the skill-sets required for particular candidate. Make sure you’ve gone through the job description and know about that particular role. Done that? You are good to go.

2. Add

With a diverse collection of problems in your library, you’d be able to add them into a test. If you are not able to locate relevant problems in your library, just tell us and we’d help you craft the best problems for that test.

3. Invite

In the end, you can let your applicants know about your screening process by sending an invite. It’s dead simple believe me. You must be thinking what happens if a candidate does not accept your invite. We only charge based on number of accepted invites. Hurray!

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