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[DoSelect Event] X-Ray Recruiting - The Sourcing Tutorial For GitHub And Stack Overflow

The recruitment community is tightly knit amongst the leaders, and leaders only. Their talks range from strategies to metrics that change the face of hiring in organisations. The surprising disturbing thing is only a handful talk about the recruiters who are getting their hands dirty while implementing the said changes.

X-Ray Recruiting is a mission to change that. We want to craft a community of recruiters and help them not only understand this change bit by bit, but thrive through it all.

Here's the thing - tons of sourcing avenues exist in the market today. Yet, recruiters are fixated with the usual suspects (Naukri, LinkedIn, etc.). Our first step to transform this one-way fixation lead to our debut topic - Sourcing top tech talent from GitHub and Stack Overflow.

The beauty of such open source platforms is it gives you a broad overview of the potential candidate’s technical knowledge base, thereby, improving the quality of hire from the first stage itself. The gap exists in identifying these attributes and connecting them to the right role. Our session bridged that gap. We talked about tags, forks, commits, etc., and how each attribute can get recruiters closer to understanding the candidate better.
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A lot of recruiters seemed frustrated by the long way they have to take to find accurate contact details about candidates. Enter Sidekick - a Chrome plugin that easily tells you the things you need to know about a candidate’s technical skills while providing you his/her email to connect. (You can install it for free here.)
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Sidekick also provides you with a deeper overview of what technologies the candidate is working on and how good s/he is at it. After all, this kind of data leads to better decision making, isn't it?

We had our good share of fun and learning in our first session and we promise to continue the same for the upcoming ones. If you want to be notified about our next session, feel free to drop in your coordinates here. That said, I would like to end by thanking all the recruiters that decided to give our session a shot and supported us in our debut. Special thanks to the team at InMobi who partnered with us and helped us turn this into a successful event.

Hope to see you there. Until next time, peppy recruiting!

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