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A Definitive Playbook For Recruitment Excellence

As a fledgling startup besotted with playbooks, there is a constant gripe amongst us about the lack of one in a crucial growth lever – recruiting. Witnessing the internet being littered with established playbooks on sales, marketing, customer success and everything in between, the absence of a Recruitment “Holy Grail” was a gaping void.

The good folks at SquadRun (we are one of their partners in pursuit of their hiring goals), to the rescue!

In this exhaustive editorial featured in YourStory, SquadRun articulates its recruitment strategy-cum-execution blueprint. From establishing foundation pillars to driving scale in hiring, they seem to have mastered an art few organizations have been able to – of integrating “math and sales” in hiring.

Are you in possession of a recruitment playbook? We would love to chat with you to dive into it’s finer nuances. Drop me a note at and we would get back to you.

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