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A Better, Faster Script Judge For Coding Tests

We told you why your company needs a 
better hiring tool. Let us show-and-tell now.

You need to assess potential hires on all sorts of programming languages, paradigms, and concepts. Along with basic programming skills and a handful of algorithms, you’d want them to write some advanced stuff as well - talk to some remote web services, upload/download data, interact with the operating system, change something, break something.

Well, we’ve made that possible with DoSelect. Our all new, super-powerful script judge allows you to do all of the above, and quicker. Here’s a quick teaser for your viewing pleasure.

Currently, DoSelect supports evaluation on 20 programming languages, with complete root access to the host system and internet access. What you can do with it?

  • Assess on web APIs ✓
  • Interact with the host system ✓
  • Break the host system ✓
  • Make your hires do some random crazy stuff to check their hacker quotient ✓
We’ll leave the rest to your imagination. Sign up with DoSelect and start making better hires today!

P. S. The script judge is called Yoda, by the way. That explains the image on the top. :)

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