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Code Analysis Tools - The Sherlock Behind It All

To state things up front - Writing code is a process that entails a thought process more than just writing code. Now that read very redundant, didn’t it?Before you dismiss this thought as a bunch of content writers drowned in Holi revelry, allow us to expand.Think of what the great majority of developers work on; adding, editing and ...

Introducing Selenium Assessments On DoSelect

Since its very inception, Selenium has been carving out a distinctive identity for itself. It is a testing tool designed to help you write automated UI tests for web applications. Today, Selenium is taking the testing world by storm with giants like Google, Amazon, and Cisco, to name a few, that are transitioning towards it. Our research suggests that, presently ...

What Every Developer Should Learn From Designers

I recently completed MOOC, the end project was a peer one. During which I got a chance to review programs written by my peers who were taking the same course. I went through about eight of them and then gave up. Most of them were quite “clever” to wrap my head around. I wanted to reach out to each of ...

Podcast With Jonahtan (Practo)

 In this last episode of podcasts for 30 Days of Design, we talk to Jonathan who leads all product across Consumer, Enterprise, Mobile and Platform teams at Practo. We talk about the importance of whitespace in designing apps, and how Practo managed to create easy-to-use yet elegant interface for doctors.

Podcast With Uma (Goibibo)

 In this episode of DoSelect podcast. we talk to Uma Shankar who leads UX design at Goibibo. Uma has been a designer for more than 10 years in the industry and responsible for designing many great products from scratch. We talk about the design processes at GoIbibo and what things they kept in mind while designing a consumer-facing product. 

Podcast With Anish Tripathi (BookMyShow)

 In this podcast, we talk to Anish Tripathi, who’s AVP of Product Design at BookMyShow. With experience of working as a freelance designer and at companies of all size under his cap, we talk about how there’s been a paradigm shift in how products are designed today. We discuss about the latest redesign of BMS, and how conversational ...

Podcast With Kushagra (Wingify)

 DoSelect is celebrating #30DaysOfDesign, celebrating the art and science of the craft that makes it work. As part of it, we bring you a podcast with Kushagra from Wingify. We have talked about why Wingify chose to work with AngularJS and if they are planning to move to Angular2 – which seems like a hot topic these days. We also touched ...

A Better, Faster Script Judge For Coding Tests

We told you why your company needs a better hiring tool. Let us show-and-tell now.You need to assess potential hires on all sorts of programming languages, paradigms, and concepts. Along with basic programming skills and a handful of algorithms, you’d want them to write some advanced stuff as well - talk to some remote web services, upload/download data, interact ...

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