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Introducing Selenium Assessments On DoSelect

Since its very inception, Selenium has been carving out a distinctive identity for itself. It is a testing tool designed to help you write automated UI tests for web applications. Today, Selenium is taking the testing world by storm with giants like Google, Amazon, and Cisco, to name a few, that are transitioning towards it. Our research suggests that, presently, Selenium captures around 80% of the market.

In parallel, the last few years have also witnessed a substantial shift in the approach towards the Software & System testing cycle. For someone outside the testing sphere, this transition involved deeper involvement of testing at each stage of development. As a major component of the test suites in modern applications, this shift in the approach has made Selenium the de-facto choice of skillset within the Automation Testing sector.

With the shift happening and the demand for automation workforce increasing with time, companies are focusing more and more on efficient hires. However, that’s where the catch is.

The most crucial factor in the hiring process of automated testing frameworks is the unspoken expectation of testing ability. Post a candidate’s technical knowledge assessment, there is no way to tell how efficient their creative aptitude at exhaustive testing can be. This is a blindfold that often leads to disappointing hirings after which companies begin to invest their resources into training. After training the employees on the basics, they continue investing with the progress of time, to build the aptitude skills that were a requirement at the time of hiring.

Uncovering testing acumen with a testing tool

DoSelect’s platform brings in Selenium assessment that enables test makers to simulate real-world interaction with a web application interface. Using Selenium’s rich set of APIs, our platform enables candidates to test a web application’s functionality by enforcing sanity checks on the workflows.

The Selenium problem pool on our platform contains a link to a web application and description about the workflows. Candidates can then write test cases for the problem using Java or Python.
Fig. 1 DoSelect currently supports Java and Python for writing Selenium test scripts in solutions. 

Upon submission, the developer’s solution is checked on multiple parameters.

  • The elementary parameters of evaluation - 
  • The technical grasp of the language being used.
  • Their knowledge of Selenium, and the capability to implement it
  • The most important parameters of evaluation
  • The exhaustive strategy with which they tackle a problem - Our assessment engine is designed to gauge the well-roundedness of a candidate’s solution based on the kind of test cases that their solutions contain.
  • Complete coverage of edge cases in a solution gives us and in turn you, a deep insight into the candidate’s skills of thoroughness and the creative roundedness at being able to break the code.
Fig. 2 Illustrates the insight that our logs would give into a candidate’s submitted solution.

DoSelect’s assessment engine gives a step-by-step illustration of the submitted solution while it is being executed, thus highlighting the edge cases that are being covered.

Fig. 3 DoSelect’s evaluation logs

Our evaluation logs help inspect the correctness and logic behind the functioning of each test-case covered by the candidate. The logs show what went right, where the solution went wrong, and what should’ve been taken care of. These insights help hiring managers by giving them a wider scope into a prospective candidate’s mental space and help filter out the candidates who can write tests effectively using Selenium as a tool.

Recruiters and trainers now seek more than just the basics. While a sound knowledge of technology is always a pre-requisite, when it comes to testing, the requirements don’t stop there. With the constant evolution of hiring and technical industries, it is more crucial than ever to tap into the depths of a candidate’s acumen. We, at DoSelect, remain faithful to that goal.

Our current release supports Selenium WebDriver with Java and Python.

Curious to know what this feature can bring to your team? Write to us at and we would set up a conversation. Do share your current automation testing hiring blues with us at and we would love to help you eliminate them in a cost efficient and technically exhaustive manner.

Till next time.

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